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ROUND Jul-Sep 2020. FREE participation . Winning photos selected by a Jury among photos with 5 or more public votes.
LEARN MORE about the Contest: click here. Now competing: 26 countries


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The Canyon Store (www.canyonstore.eu) was founded in 2008, since then it's the one stop shop for all your canyoning gear. Our webshop is specialized in/dedicated to canyoning and offers you all the equipment necessary to do canyoning. The Canyon Store offers worldwide shipping, and can always guarantee a large amount of articles in stock. The Canyon Store offers a 60 day grace period for returning products. 
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Luca Memorial PHOTOGRAPHERS:  10%DISCOUNT during 1 year (details here)

In KORDA’S we work hard to guarantee the highest security and quality levels to all our technical ropes users. We offer high-end standard finishes as well as remarquable mechanical properties and unique manufacturing systems. Passionate about sports such as canyoning and caving, universes with which we have a traditional bond, we firmly stand for innovation and for proposing products specially adapted to each activity. You enjoy... We think.
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The international Canyoning App. Discover the canyons of the world through this fabulous app, where you can access all the necessary data to make your descents; Check the betas, topos, comments and user ratings, comment on your descents, add new canyons, update their status, meet new canyoneers, check international canyoning events ... Join Canyoningapp, carry your hobby in the palm of your hand!!!
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Caverland was born with the illusion of manufacturing something different, functional, that adapts to all needs. With a great capacity for adaptation, we manufacture on demand and we are incorporating all those changes that we consider suitable thanks to the collaboration of many of you. At Caverland we have evolved listening to the advice of professionals and those athletes who also want to be comfortable practicing all their activities.
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United by the Canyon is the project of two Colombian-Spanish families linked to mountain activities. CAQUETÁ ADVENTURE is a training school in mountain and water disciplines. Tourist advice and guidance of activities in reserves and Amazon forest. Reliable and safe, they offer you the adventure and discovery of Caquetá and Colombia at the hands of professionals, for your enjoyment and disconnection from the madding crowd.
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ICAN PROFESSIONAL Partner: Training, expeditions, development projects. Centre of adventure. Nature international.
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